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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Final Hurrah


It was an amazing experience and I am sad to say goodbye, to the country, to the people, to everything, I will miss it dearly especially National Geographic leaders Erika Skogg and Peter Richards. We are required to make a final post and I am truly worried I am going to breakdown in the Boston airport. I honestly hope and am praying that this was not goodbye, only farewell for now. I have loved the entire journey and hope I can do it again next year. The worst part of every great experience is when you have to say goodbye, but I made amazing friendships that I hope will always stay strong. I’ve gotten extremely close to everyone and will be sad to seniors embark on their new journey into college. But this is farewell for now Iceland; I will miss you greatly, until I move to Hofn of course, but I have loved the experience and journey and will gladly come back.

This picture is actually on Ms. Bottoms blog ( but I think its a phenomenal picture that captures a spectacular moment.

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