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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hiking Vikings

Day 9 (Hiking)
On this day, though it was a yesterday, we got to take pictures that may be featured for specific companies; we had our Nat Geo guides as our models.

We were hiking to an extremely serene Viking village that Mel Gibson created to film a movie that was never made but may be used in the future. I walked into the dungeon and was super excited that Brianna and I were probably people who could stand up straight in the dungeon and we ventured into an extremely creepy part, which made me feel like I’m in a horror movie because we were using the light from Brianna’s IPhone and there was broken wood planks everywhere and it was really dusty.

The hike there was intense considering we walked around the mountain and its muddy, dangerous terrain rather than uphill. I only almost slipped once. After reaching the four-hour mark everyone was beginning to have doubts whether or not the Viking village actually existed.

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