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Sunday, June 22, 2014

That is a Live Horse!

Day 12 (Horseback Riding)
Oh my gosh, I rode a horse, a live one. Oh my gosh, I galloped on a horse, a live one. It was such a rush and I never believed I could feel so powerful and well basically feel so amazing. I don't know why, I guess its just Icelandic logic or something but I, the smallest person in the group got the largest horse? My horse’s name translated to Grey but it was white; the guide said he was probably grey as a baby.

I also found the cutest dog ever! I am going to steal this dog, it was so adorable!

We also got to explore Aukreyri and I finally bought souvenirs, but I still have to buy 4 more stuffed animals and then I am done shopping! I finished all of my mini assignments as well.

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